The website is designed to transport you to a place that will give you feelings of calmness and tranquillity.

We wish to take you with us to a small coral island in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Find a comfortable place to lay down, close your eyes and imagine the sound of the waves gently breaking on the shore, a lovely glowing warmth engulfs you and a gentle sea breeze caresses your skin while soft powder like sand supports you beneath. Breath slowly, deeply and regularly as you focus on these feelings until you feel you are there.

Then open your minds eye and find you are lying down within a hand built structure, made from wood washed up on the beach. The timber structure is built like a dome, it gives you cover from the strong sun and a feeling of security but is open enough to feel the breeze and see the sky.

The shadows of the construction criss-cross the floor like a living thing, moving as the sun moves, making the dome feel part of the island it rests upon. You look up past wood naturally sculptured by the ocean and see the blue sky above with sea birds floating on the wind. Your gaze is drawn to the infinity of the deep blue sky; it draws you upwards allowing your mind to wander free.

As you relax totally the sound of your breathing becomes rhythmic and you have no thoughts, you are completely calm, you are drawn body and soul upwards over the space-time continuum to another place. You flow completely free on another level, free from stress without any pain or burden, the essence of the real you is set free to float on the wind. This is a way to feel your true essence your soul set free from its daily shackles.

The contemplation pod is real, it exists now on that beautiful tropical island, I have experienced its magic myself and now you can too.
I welcome you to return to anytime, lie back in our dome and let your mind roam free to a calm stress free place that can be experienced from anywhere in world.